[EU Ship No TAX] Original VOLVO V2020.09  VOLVO vCards Heavy Duty DIAGNOSTIC Kit Vocom 88890300 + CF52 Laptop With 2 Years online update.


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Compatible Equipment Type: Excavator, Truck, Wheel Loader, Grader, Articulated Hauler
Manufacturer Part Number:


Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
Warranty: 1 Year UPC:

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Version: PTT1.12


[UK Ship No Tax] Original latest VOLVO Version 2020.01  VOLVO vCads Heavy Duty DIAGNOSTIC Kit Vocom 88890300 + CF52 Laptop With 1 Years online update.


VODIA5 is the latest diagnostic tool for Volvo Penta Industrial and Marine engines

Product Description

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck Diagnose is a tool that supports the repair and diagnostic process. It was developed to make repair shop tasks easier and more efficient.

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck Diagnose

Top 2 Reasons to Get Volvo 88890300 Vocom:

1. Support Volvo Renault UD Mack Truck Diagnose

2. Multi-Languages

Pls attention: we will testing before send to our customers.100% good condition for using.

If your address belongs to Remote area should pay extra 30$ at point of delivery.

Volvo Vocom 88890300 With Full 5 Cables for volvo vcads heavy duty diagnosis

VocomCommunication Unit is designed with focus on robustness and durability to withstand the tough workshop environment.

·Improved LED indicators
·Improved quality of cables
·Military standard on connectors
·Better liquid and dust ingress protectors
·Metal casing and rubber bumbers for better robustness

Vocom Key Facts Parts no. for Vocom Cables
Temperature Range: -40° – +85° (Wian -20°- +65°)

Protection Class: IP55
Shock Resistance: 2m
RoHS Conformance: Yes
Wlan: 802.11 b/g

Volvo vcads Vocom 88890300 Communication interface volvo diagnostic  tool

Dev2tool is the Dealer tool to access and program parameters in Level2 and Level3 without connecting to central severs;Works with Tech Tool (VCADs Pro), Normal or Development mode, support 28 languages;
Support all brands and models supported by Tech Tool (VCADs Pro);

Make programmable more than 11000 parameters.
Program speed limit, change chassis ID, disable immobiliser;
Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example:increase speed limit;
The new rugged Communication UnitVocom 88890300 for the tough workshop environment and field service.

Support List:

Volvo Trucks :
AC Compo4 F10 F12 F16 FE FH FH12 FH16 FH565 FL FL10 FL12 FL6 FL7 FM FM10 FM12 FM9 FM7 Nh12 NH525 NH565 NL10 Nl12 VAh VHD Vm VN VT WC WG WI WX

Volvo busses:


Volvo construction Equipment

Wheel Loader:

L110E L110F L110G L120E L120F L120G L150E L150F L150G L180E L180F L180G L220E L220F L220G L250G L330E L350F L45F-TP L45F-TPS L50F-TP L50F-TPS L50G-TP L50G-TPS L60E L60F L60G L70E L70F L70G L90E L90F L90G

Aryiculated Hauler :

A25D A25E A25F A30D A30E A30F A35D A35E A35F A40D A40E A40F T450D


EC135B EC140B EC140C EC140D EC160B EC160C EC160D EC180B EC180C EC180D EC200B EC210B EC210C EC235D EC240B EC240C EC250D EC290B EC290C EC300D EC330B EC330C EC340D EC360B EC360C EC380D EC460B EC460C EC480D EC700B EC700C ECR145C ECR235C ECR235D ECR305C EW140B EW140C EW140D EW145B EW160B EW160C EW160D EW180B EW180C EW180D EW200B EW210C EW210D EW230C FB2800C FBR2800C FC2121C FC2421C FC2924C FC3329C PL3005D PL4608 PL4808D PL7015


G710B G720B G726B G730B G740B G746B G780B G930 G930B G940 G940B G946 G946B G960 G960B G970 G976 G990

Skidsteer Loader :

MC110B MC60B MC70B MC80B MC90B

Compact Excavator:


Paver :

ABG7820B ABG8820B P7820C L882C



volvo vocom
in my here, lenovo x61/t61/t400/x200t/x200/t30/e420/e430/e431/e49 and dell d630/d620/e6420 , panasonic cf29/cf52/cf30 etc. model available now.
if need pls tell me thanks
if need laptop im send you + volvo impact repair and parts catalog

Ptt2.03 version:

Test Function:

1-Service and maintenance

2-Engine, Engine mounting and equipment

3-Electrical system and instruments

33311-3-Preheat, Test

33445-3-Ignition Switch, Test

36303-3-Intermittent Wiper, Test

36415-2-Switch Lamp, Test

36421-3-Position Switch Back-up(Reversing) Lamp, Test

36423-3-Lever Switch High Beam/Low Beam, Test

36424-3-Stalk Switch Direction Indicator, Test

36491-3-Steering Wheel Buttons, Test

36603-3-Anti-theft Alarm Status, Test

36607-3-Logged anti theft alarm activation, read out

36614-3-Load Indicator, Test

36622-3-MID 163-TransponderReading, Test

36624-3-MID 163-Key Counting, Test

37173-3-Data Links, Fault Tracing with Oscilloscope

38117-3-Instrument Cluster, Test

38118-3-Gauge Checks, Instrument Cluster

38356-3-Calibration Number, Test

38440-3-Brake Contacts, Test

39203-3-Audio Unit Function Test

39746-3-Volvo Link, GPS, Test

39747-3-Volvo Link Satellite Communications Test


40001-3-Starting gear selection, read out

40005-3-Range Inhibitor, Test

40010-3-Clutch Cylinder, Test

40012-3-Gear Selector Position Sensor, Test

40015-3-Range Cylinder, Test

40016-3-Split Cylinder, Test

40020-3-Gears, Test

40023-3-Transmission Speed Sensor, Test

40024-3-Oil Sensor Signals, Test

40025-3-Solenoid Valves, Test

40026-3-PWM valves clutches and brakes, test

40027-3-PWM Valves Main Pressure and Brake Pressure, Test

40028-3-Lockup and Retarder, Test

40083-3-PWM Valves Clutch, Test

40087-3-Pressure Sensor, Test

40091-3-Gear Activation, Control Housing (for Removal/Replacement)

40098-3-Gears, Check Oil Pressure, Test

40112-3-Gear Selector, Test

40145-3- Solenoid Valves Measuring, Test

40170-3-Inhibit Cylinder, First Gear, Test

41126-3-Clutch Wear Check, Test

41180-3-Clutch Drag, Test

41181-4-PWM Valves Clutch Activation, Test (Transmission Removed)

41182-3-PWM Valves Clutch Activation, Test

43116-4-Gears, Test (Transmission Removed)

43121-3-Gear Selector Cylinder 1/Reverse, Test

43122-3- Gear Selector Cylinder 2/3, Test

43126-3-Counter Shaft Brake Solenoid Valve Test

43128-4-Solenoid Valve, Brake Counter Shaft, Test (Transmission Removed)

43194-3-Input Signals for Gear Selection, Test

43773-3-Vehicle Inclination Sensor, Test

48141-3-Power Take-off Pressure, Clutch, Check


50006-3-Brake Pads, Test

50011-3-Modulators, Test

50012-3-Foot Brake Valve, Test

50013-3-TCS Function Shut off, Test

50016-3-Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Voltage, Test

50017-3-Foot Brake Valve Signal Voltage, Test

50020-3-Wheel Speed Sensor, Test

50021-3-Brake Adaptation

56023-3-Pneumatic System, Status

56186-3-Air Dryer Solenoid Valves, Test

56362-3-Parking Brake Switch, Test

59110-3-Control Auxiliary Brake, Test

59221-3-Pressure Setting Retarder, Test

59222-3-Function Retarder, Test

59242-3-PWM Valve Retarder, Test

59297-3-Temperature Sensor, Test

59302-3-Wheel Speed Sensor ABS, Test

59303-3-Tooth Wheel ABS, Test

59305-3-Solenoid Control Valves, ABS, Test

59306-3-The ABS Control Unit, Test

59318-3-Foot Brake Valve Backup, Test

59364-3-EBS Control Unit Input / Output Signals Status, Test

59371-3-ESP Function Switching On and Off, Test

59376-3-Activate ABS Valve, Test

6-Axles, suspension and steering

64538-3-Control Valve, Test

64720-3-ECU, Electronically Controlled Hydraulic Axle Input Output Status, Test

7-Frame, springs, shocks and wheels

72873-3-External Signals to ECS, Test

72874-3-Control Box, Test

72875-3-Pressure Sensor, Test

72876-3-Level Sensor, Test

72877-3-Solenoid Valves, Test

72880-3-Lift Axle Switch, Test

72885-3-Air Suspension System Module In-Output Signals Status, Test

72887-3-ECS System status, test

72905-3-Additional Functions ECS, Parameter Test

72928-3-Verify Level Sensor Calibration, Test

77601-3-Tire Pressure Monitoring Truck, Test

77615-3-Tire Pressure Monitoring Trailer, Test

8-Body, cab and interior

87518-3-Parking heater timer, readout and resetting


93003-3-Bodybuilder Module Input / Output Signals, Test


1-Service and maintenance

2-Engine, Engine mounting and equipment

3-Electrical system and instruments



6-Axles, suspension and steering

7-Frame, springs, shocks and wheels

8-Body, cab and interior


The basic workflow in Tech Tool is the same for all products:
• Identify a product.
• View information history.
• Diagnose a selected product.
• Test a selected product.
• Program a selected product.
• Calibrate a selected product.

Supported companies and electrical systems:

• Volvo Trucks (Older el. system, Vehicle el. ’98, VERSION2, VERSION3);
• Volvo Trucks (VERSION4 – FH4/FM4);
• Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed v2, Multiplexed v3);
• Volvo Construction Equipment;
• Volvo Penta (VERSION2);
• Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2, VERSION3);
• Mack Trucks (V-MAC I/II/III, ITC, IV, IV+);
• Renault Trucks (VERSION2, VERSION3, VERSION4);

Supported languages

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface Sofware:

1. Software version: PTT1.20/2.40, software come with package in DVD for free.
2. Software version: PTT2.12/3.02 in 16G USB Flash Drive. This is in default package too. We also have Latest PTT 2.6.70 on sale, please click and buy.

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface is a diagnostics application that covers the whole repair process through the use of plug-ins. With Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface you can diagnose, test, calibrate, and program a product. A product could be a vehicle, engine, or A Machine. Volvo 88.8903 million V ocom Interface Also Provide Functions for Updating The Tool, Communication with The Product, and OTHER External Applications. of The SET of Plug-INS, User Authorizations, and Available languages IS Adjustable to Provide Every User with What They need.Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface Supported Companies and Electrical Systems:

Volvo Trucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electronics ’98, V2, V3, V4);
Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed v2, Multiplexed v3);
Volvo Construction Equipment;
Volvo Penta (VERSION2);
Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2);
Mack Trucks (V-MAC I/II/III, ITC, IV, IV+);
Renault Trucks (VERSION2);

UD Trucks (VERSION2)

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface Function List:

Identify a product.
View information history.
Diagnose a selected product.
Test a selected product.
Program a selected product.

A the Selected Product Calibrate.

How to 88.8903 million V ocom the SET Volvo Interface WIFI Connection?

1. First use USB cable as below to connect your laptop with Vocom unit.
2. Go to open Volvo PTT software. Choose “Setting” → “Communication unit configuration” → “Configure” → “USB+ Directly to Communication unit”
. Choose “Direct” → “Restore default values” → “Apply” → “OK”.
4. Click OK again then disconnect the USB cable from laptop.
5. Go to “Setting” → “Comm.unit Selection” → “Communication unit 8889300 ….Nickname”
6. Now you can use signal and get wireless signal. All OK. In this way you can set Volvo Vocom 88890300 Interface WIFI connection easily and successfully!

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface Software Display:

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface-1
Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface-2
Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface-3Volvo 88890300 Vocom PCB Display:Volvo 88890300 Vocom PCB Display 1

Package list:
1) 88890305 USB Cable
2) 88890304 OBD Cable
3) 88890306 FCI/8 PIN Cable
4) 88890302 9 Pin Cable—-as gift
5) 9993832 14 pin diagnostic cable–as gift

6) 12 pin cable for renault–as gift
6) Vocom 88890300 interface
7) PTT 1.12/VCADS Pro 2.4 versio


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