[EU Ship No TAX] Pico Technology PicoScope 3403D USB computer oscilloscope



Item specifics

Type:Hand Tool Parts

Oscilloscope type PC-based

Series 3000

Power supply

USB interface

CAN interface

LIN interface

Weight 0.5kg
UART interface



Pico Technology PicoScope 3403D USB computer oscilloscope


Product Description

PicoScope 3000D series oscilloscope
The compact, USB-connected PicoScope 3000D is a complete portable test system-it can be plugged into a portable computer, making it an ideal choice for instruments that are available anytime, anywhere. It is supported by the free download of PicoScope 6 software, which provides advanced and economical solutions from system design and research to education, service and maintenance testing.

All models come with a USB 3.0 interface and are fully compatible with USB 2.0. Like all PicoScopes, the 3000D displays waveforms in an adjustable window on the user ‘s PC screen, creating a neat space for multiple high-resolution analog and digital tracking. Using PC networks, storage, and processing equipment to save, share, and analyze waveforms is fast and simple. Even with a fast real-time sampling rate of up to one gigabit sample per second, deep measurement buffers can achieve long captures. Even if the capture size is extremely large, hardware-accelerated data processing can maintain smooth and fast display updates.

3000D contains a variety of advanced functions as standard, proportional math channel, automatic data measurement, spectrum analysis and color persistent display mode. In addition, built-in advanced digital trigger with pulse width, window, voltage drop, channel logic, digital array and other identifiers, mask limit test and Serial decoding supports SPI, I2C, I2S, RS-232 / UART, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay protocols on up to 20 analog and digital channels, even if multiple channels are mixed simultaneously.

Selectable bandwidth (50, 70, 100 or 200 MHz models)
2 or 4 analog channels, depending on the selected model
16 digital channels
Up to 1 GS / s real-time sampling
Up to 512 MS buffer memory
Built-in function generator and arbitrary waveform generator
Hardware accelerated update rate
Connect USB and power up

Switchable x1 / x10 probes (1 per analog channel, in a carrying case), quick start guide, software and reference CD, USB cable, power adapter (only 4 analog channel models)
Because several instruments are combined in a small device, a PC-based oscilloscope is lighter and more portable than traditional test equipment. Therefore, field engineers can carry the complete electronic laboratory loaded on the laptop.

Small portable
Can provide large and detailed color display on the PC display
Simultaneous view of range, spectrum analyzer and meter mode
Analog intensity and digital color display mode
Signal storage is limited only by PC memory

Product Specifications

Number of channels 4
Bandwidth 50MHz
Oscilloscope type PC-based
Series 3000
Power supply
USB interface
Minimum operating temperature 0 ° C
Width 170mm
Dimensions 190 x 170 x 40mm
Maximum operating temperature + 40 ° C
IIC interface
Height 40mm
Vertical resolution 8 bits
SPI interface
Model (P) 3403D
RS232 interface
Length 190mm
CAN interface
LIN interface
Weight 0.5kg
UART interface