MCOM II interface Replacement for Man Cats II 2


MCOM II interface Replacement for Man Cats II 2



MCOM II interface Replacement for Man Cats II 2



Polish production device. And hence? Guarantee on the spot with us! Not what the competition shipping to Germany and repair lasting months … The device works just like the MAN CATS II head! There is no difference. The simple design on the microcontroller allows for trouble-free operation with MAN !!

Service diagnostic interface for MAN vehicles.

With its help, we are able to connect to all modules in the vehicle:

Engine – Gearbox

– Air conditioning

systems –

Central computer – Heating systems –


systems – Active

suspension – Retarder

– Brake systems – Anti-theft devices –

Heater, dryer, etc. –


– Dashboard

– Air

processing – Exhaust gas

treatment – Steering


– Frame modules – And many others available depending on the equipment of the vehicle being diagnosed.

Diagnostics – allows you to read the memory of faults saved in vehicle controllers while allowing deleting and saving.

Identification of controllers – it displays detailed data, e.g. about the serial number, software version, manufacturer numbers, coding numbers, etc …

Actual values ​​LIVE DATA – i.e. display of current parameters from sensors or actuators registered by the controller.

Actuators test – in other words, starting components are direct tests performed on system components, e.g. activation of ABS modulators, activation of solenoid valves, e.g. lifting – lowering of a vehicle or machine. This part of the diagnostics, otherwise known as active, allows, for example, in the case of an engine to balance / disconnect cylinders, which in turn is helpful, e.g. in assessing compression.

Regulation / Coding / Programming are all kinds of re-configurations of settings, e.g. turning off speed, power and torque limiters, activating hidden functions, turning off exhaust gas treatment functions, etc. * (for some re-configurations it is necessary to have optional expansion additions, i.e. development coding or configuration calculators).

Calibration Adaptations – of individual components, e.g. sensors for the needs of a given vehicle, can be exemplified by calibration – adaptation of electronic throttles, acceleration pedals, active suspension sensors, support systems, etc. …

Read / Write driver configurations – this allows copying controllers’ configurations or repairs.

Clearing service inspections / inspections – functions helpful during service intervals (clearing service, oil, mileage, etc. controls)

Examples of LiveData functions

– Reading pending error codes (DTC)

– Reading registered error codes (DTC)

– Clearing codes and check engine “(MIL)

– The ability to save read data to a file for later analysis

– Diagnosis of actuators such as throttle valves, sensors

– Dynamic check of ignition, starting dose,

– Engine speed (RPM)

– Load (Calculated Load Value)

– Coolant temperature (Coolant Temperature)

– Fuel System Status

– Vehicle Speed

– Short Term Fuel Trim

– Long Term Fuel Trim

– Intake Manifold Pressure

– Angle Timing Advance

– Intake Air Temperature

– Air Flow

– Air Flow Rate – TPS (Absolute Throttle Position)

– Lambda Sensor Indication (Oxygen sensor voltages / associated short term fuel trims)

– Fuel Pressure

– Checking the condition of the engine based on the consumption of individual cylinders – i.e.

the difference in fuel doses dispensed by the computer to individual cylinders.

– Measurement of vehicle parameters – power and acceleration

. And many other activities that can be performed only with this tool.

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