PS450 Pneumatic 450kg Lift


Pro quality pneumatic motorcycle lift with a 450kg payload



PS450 Pneumatic 450kg Lift


The PS450 is a pro quality air lift at an affordable price. The PS450 lift features pneumatic operation for fast operation and proven reliability over years. A drop-down rear wheel access panel and quick air operation are professional level features to help you work fast and efficiently. The included bolt on side trays are perfect for holding parts and tools while you work.

Optional accessories include sliding rail mounted quick-detach wheel clamps; wheel kit; side extensions; length extensions and more.

The PS450 pneumatic lift plugs in to a normal compressed air supply and is operated via a convenient foot control switch. Simply position the lift in a suitable area, connect, and the lift is ready to go! For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Features include:

  • Pneumatic operation for speed and reliability
  • Drop down rear wheel section
  • Automatic descent locking
  • Removable loading ramp
  • Foot controls
  • Foot operated safety lock release