ODIS 5.1.5 VW Audi Elsawin 6.0 Vag ETKA 8.1 ODIS Engineering Software 9.2.2 Iinstalled In HDD/ SSD


 Diagnosis Softwares

Why Choose ODIS 5.1.5 software ?

  • 1. HDD/SDD ODIS 5.1.5 Softwares included: ODIS 5.1.5 software+ODIS Engineering Software: 9.2.2 Version+ETKA 8.1 +Elsawin 6.0
  • 2. ODIS 5.1.5 Support Language: English/German/Spanish/Korean/Chinese
  • 3. Support Car Models: for Audi, for VW, for Seat, for Skoda, for Bentley, for Lamborghini etc
  • 4. Compatible Hardware: VAS 5054a, VAS6154
  • 5. Funtions: Support diagnosis and programming online/offline for vag group vehicles





ODIS 5.1.5 VW Audi Elsawin 6.0 Vag ETKA 8.1 ODIS Engineering Software 9.2.2 Iinstalled In HDD/ SSD


ODIS 5.1.5 Elsawin 6.0 ETKA Parts Catalogue 8.1 & ODIS Engineering Software 9.2.2 Installed In 320G HDD/SSD, ODIS 5.1.5 software with elsawin, etka, odis engineer software support diagnosis, programming online/offline for vag group vehicles. ODIS 5.1.5 hdd/ssd work with vas5054a and vas6154 diagnostic interface.

ODIS 5.1.5 Softwares with ETKA, ELSAWIN, OIDS enginerr software Installed 4 in 1 HDD Highlights:

1. Software Included:

  • (1) ODIS 5.1.5 for Audi, for VW, for Seat, for Skoda, for Bentley, for Lamborghini etc.
  • (2) ODIS Engineering Software: 9.2.2 Version
  • (3) ETKA 8.1 Multi-language
  • (4) Elsawin 6.0

2. HDD Size: 320G /500G, SSD Size: 256G/500G

3. ODIS 5.1.5 Support Multi-language: English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean

4. PC Requirement: Windows 7 32/64bit, I3 Processor, 4G RAM

5. Compatible Hardware: VAS 5054a, VAS6154

VAS 5054vas6154

VXDAS Kindly Note: 

  • 1. ODIS 5.1.5 software 4 in 1 HDD/SSD can only use as internal HDD/SSD, pls do not use it as an external HDD/SSD, otherwise, it can not work normally
  • 2. ODIS 5.1.5 need activation by, when you use it first time, pls send us TeamViewer id and password for activation
  • 3. Pls do not installed anti-virus program, don’t update any program online


Why Choose ODIS 5.1.5 For Audi/VW with ETKA, Elsawin, ODIS Engineering 5 Softwares in 1 HDD?

1. All software installed on window 7 32bit system HDD when you get it just contact us remotely to activate via Teamviewer, then it can work directly

2. ODIS 5.1.5 software works for Audi for VW for Skoda For Seat For Bentley new car models till 2019

3. ODIS 5.1.5 with ETKA, Elsawin, ODIS Engineering Software installed together, help to search professional workshops data for VAG cars

4. ODIS 5.1.5 come with ODIS Engineering Software, works with VAS 5054/ VAS6154 support ODIS online & offline programming


ODIS 5.1.5 Software Functions:

– Estimated remaining times are shown for ECU flash operations.

– Diagnostic protocol contains interruptions of GFF sessions, extended measurement values, improved ECU communication view, used diagnostic hardware, connection type of diagnostic hardware, operating system, the hotfix used and submissions of support requests

– The measured value display has been improved.

– Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.

– One message box will be shown at the beginning of the test drive mode.

– GFF hotfixes can be integrated during diagnostic sessions.

– Danger messages have been revised.

– Stopping of diagnostic sessions may be interrupted.

– Automatic deletion of autosave diagnostic protocols after successful transmission.

– Selection of PassThru diagnostic hardware has been improved.

– ODIS Service Software update has been stabilized.


 ODIS 5.1.5 for VAG Diagnostic & Programming

ODIS 5.1.5 for VAG Diagnostic & Programming

ODIS 5.1.5 Languages available: English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean, if need other languages, please contact our seller to get the customizing.

ODIS 5.1.5 Languages availab

Elsawin 6.0 online software :

The program is completely established on a hard disk (full installation Audi + VW + Nutzfahrzeuge with all accessible languages borrows more than 15 GB).

The program ELSA 6.0 contains the detailed description of technology of repair, electric schemes, bodyworks, the catalogue of spare parts for guarantee replacement.

On “old” models of the information it is not enough.

The full information in the program is submitted in German, in English and others If during installation of disks Audi and VW the some people CD will not be requested – be not frightened, on missed CDs there is an information on others (Danish, Polish and others languages….. If you will mark all languages – that the program ELSA Win 6.0 will request ALL CDs.

Elsawin 6.0 online software

ODIS Engineering Software 9.2.2 Support Offline Programming:

ODIS Engineering Software 9.2.2 Support Offline Programming:

ETKA Parts Catalogue V8.1 Functions:

ETKA Parts Catalogue V8.1

ETKA Parts Catalogue V8.1 Functions:

For Audi, for VW, for Seat, for Skoda ETKA Electronic Catalogue allows to enter VIN number of the machine{car} and carries out a filtration, using it,but thus number of a body is not considered, that is the program will define{determine} on VIN model and modelling year (using first 11symbols VIN), the rest will have to choose independently. It is meant,that with the program Audi, VW can work with thought up last figures VIN of number that can lead to mistakes{errors} in identification of units.

In the program AUDI – VW there is a function of search of application spare parts, it{she} allows to search for application of a detail only on AUDI or only VW, or on all VAG at once, and also the information concerning to replacements and returnable parts, the information on “fractional” replacements.

At work with Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda ETKA Electronic Catalogue, vag etka 7.5 software is necessary to pay special attention on various footnotes and notes, and also if necessary to look in lists of fractional replacements and V, S and P-page more often to not receive a detail which you did not wait.

 Packing List:

1 x  ODIS 5.1.5 Elsawin 6.0 ETKA Parts Catalogue 8.1 & ODIS Engineering Software 9.2.2 320GB HDD/ 256G SSD Already