[EU Ship NO TAX] Original Bosch Common Rail Injector EPS 205 Test Bench NTS205 Common Rail Injector Tester


Advantages for your workshop

+ very high operating efficiency thanks to automatic test sequence

+ convenient handling without prior knowledge

+ single clamping and injection chamber for all components

+ accurate measuring technology



Portable Low Price Original Bosch Common Rail Injector EPS 205 Test Bench NTS205 Common Rail Injector Tester

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NTS205 common rail injector tester:

NTS205 common rail injector tester:
  • NTS205 Test bench is our latest Independence researched special device to test the performance of high-pressure common rail injector, controlled by industrial computer, Windows operating system.
  • The oil quantity is measured by sensor and displayed on computer screen(Electronic fuel delivery system). All data can be searched and saved.
  • It adopts original CP3 common rail pump to provide 0~1600 bar for rail pressure(DENSO).
  • The rail pressure can be adjusted automatically,and it also provide pressure overload protect.
  • It can test common rail injector of all brands.
  • Advanced technology, steady performance, precise measurement and convenient operation.

Features of NTS205 common rail injector tester:

1. Controlled by industrial computer in real time, Windows operating system.

2. Oil quantity is measured by sensor and displayed on 10.4″ tactile LCD screen;

3. More than 700 kinds of injecotors data can be searched and used.

4. It is installed BOSCH common rail pump to provide 0~2000 bar

5. Rail pressure can be tested in real time,

6. Provide pressure overload protect

7. Pulse and frequency of the injector can be adjusted.

8. Injection time can be set.

9. Protection function of short-circuit.

10. Precise measurement, easy operation, low noise.

11.Frequency converter inside to keep the RPM.

12. power voltage:220V 1phase

13. flow measurement accuracy: 0.1ml

14. temperature control range: 40+-2

Functions of NTS205 common rail injector tester:

1.Test injector brands: All Brands
2.Test 1 piece of injector
3.Test the Leakage performance of common rail injector.
4.Injection oil quantity and back oil quantity(pre-injection, idling, emissions, full load).
5.Electronic fuel delivery measuring, automatic testing and detection.
6.Data can be searched and saved.

Parameters of NTS205 common rail injector tester:

Output Power 1.5kw
Power Voltage 220V, 1ph
Motor Speed 0~3000rpm
Oil Pressure 0-2000 bar
Flow Measure Range 0-600ml/1000times
Flow Measurement Accuracy 0.1ml
Temperature Control Range 40+-2

Testable injectors

  • Solenoid valve CRI: Bosch and 3rd party (Denso, Delphi)
  • Solenoid valve CRIN: Bosch
  • Piezo CRI: Bosch and 3rd party (Denso, Siemens)
  • Unit injector (UI-P and UI-N) nozzles, via adapters: Bosch
  • Nozzle holder assembly: Bosch and 3rd party
  1. Glossary:
  2. CRI = Common Rail Injector
  3. CRIN = Common Rail Injector for Truck and Heavy Duty Vehicles
  4. UI-P = Unit Injector Passenger Vehicles
  5. UI-N = Unit Injector heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Complete testing of CRI & CRIN up to 180 MPa (reduced test procedure)
  • Innovative Piezo injector testing
  • Universal clamping device and injection chamber (for CRI/CRIN and nozzle holder)
  • High precision due to accurate measurement technology
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Test values for 3rd party injectors are available
  • Easy handling of protective hood (example: CRIN)
  • Integrated database for saving test values and customer data
  • High quality injectors inside example: Bosch CP3 High pressure fuel pump provides high pressure needed for all test procedures
  • Touch-screen display (keyboard available as option)


  • EPS 205 is not approved for repair or warranty assessment of common rail injectors
  • Test data for Bosch components can be obtained with CD Test Data Bosch
  • RefDat (http://www.refdat.net) produces test values for 3rd party injectors (Denso, Delphi and Siemens). The data provider is responsible for the accuracy of external data. Robert Bosch GmbH does not assume any liability for the test sequence and data.

Part numbers:
EPS 205 (400V) 0 683 803 205

EPS 205 (400V) + 3rd party CRI solenoid + 3rd party CRI Priezo (0 683 803 205), 1 687 010 399), (1 687 010 400)


Technical data: EPS 205
Rated three-phase AC voltage 380 V – 460 V
Rated current 15 A
Fuse 16 A
Number of phases 3P – PE
Input frequency 50 Hz
Rated power 4,2 KW
Compressed air 0.5 MPa − 0.8 MPa
Storage temperature -25 °C – 60 °C
Operating temperature 5 °C – 40 °C*
Ambient temperature
for measurement accuracy
10 °C – 35 °C
Max. perm. relative humidity ≤90 % (25 °C,
24 hours duration)
Degree of protection IP 22
Oil pressure 180 MPa
Maximum speed 3500 min-1
Control voltage 24 V
Atmospheric pressure corresponding to an altitude of 700 hPa – 1060 hPa
≤2200 m
Tightening torques for high-pressure connection, screw plug and hoses 25 Nm − 30 Nm
Test oil tank capacity 6.5 l
Emission sound pressure level at workplace as per DIN EN ISO 11201 < 71.5 dB (A)
Sound power level as per DIN EN ISO 3744 < 84.1 dB (A)
EPS 205 (H x W x D) 580 x 560 x 780 mm
Weight of EPS 205 incl. packaging
Weight of EPS 205 (without test oil and packaging)
210 kg
130 kg
Oil collector (H x W x D) 30 x 570 x 720 mm


Packing Details of NTS205 common rail injector tester:

Standard wooden box for sea export.

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