Multipurpose Diesel Injector Pump & Common Rail Test Bench CRDI 800 E / Stand, 8 Cylinder.


The kit includes 1. Image 11 – Shows the Common rail injector, pump and fuel rail simulator fitted on the bench. The main testing area of the test bench is well shielded with an unbreakable….



Multipurpose Diesel Injector Pump & Common Rail Test Bench CRDI 800 E / Stand, 8 Cylinder.

Model CRDI 800 E – 8 Cylinder Multipurpose Diesel Fuel Injection Pump, Common Rail Injectors and Pumps Testing Bench / Stand


The CRDI 800 E is a Multipurpose Diesel FIP and Common rail test bench capable of accurately testing all types of diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors. Starting right from 2 cylinder pumps up to 8 cylinders, it can test all kinds of diesel fuel injection pumps as well as injectors listed below:-

1. Common rail diesel / CRDI Injectors, Pumps and Fuel rails of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens make. (Injectors both of solenoid and Piezo technology can be tested)

2. Bosch Distributor V.E. Pumps.

3. Inline pumps of all types including ‘P’ type pumps.

4. All types of Lucas / Delphi Rotary pumps including ‘DPC’.

AG Precision Test Benches Quality, Benefits and Features:-

· All our Diesel FIP test benches are assembled using the best quality inputs of internationally renowned brands such as:- ABB Motors, Schneider AC Frequency / Electronic Drives, Schneider / Cutler Hammer / L&T Switch Gears, Fenner / Gates Belts and Pulleys, Dowty Gear Pumps, Borosilicate Glass Burettes, Japanese Taper Roller Bearings, Special High Voltage Protection Device with Torque Multipliers for AC Drives, Pump mounting bed is made all out of Steel, Gear Box Gears are Hard and Ground, special alloy steel, two speeds with neutral position. Hence ensuring excellent quality, maintenance free and highly precise operation. Our benches have been running at workshops world over for more than 25 – 30 years without any issues.

· AG Precision test benches are very quiet in operation without much vibration.

· All models have high effective driving torque even at low speeds, they provide maximum measurement accuracy for setting of right or left hand driven fuel injection pumps.

· Our test benches have good even running characteristics, provide exact speed control, high driving power, high torque and have a stiff non – distorting bed, hence guaranteeing precise and accurate adjustment of pumps, governors, timing devices, etc.

· Have robust electronic controls with touch button control panel.

· Easy to read micro processor based digital display electronic tachometer with built in self check and stroke counting (100 – 1200) which can be preset with display of stroke time in fractions of a second.

· Rugged construction and user friendly design.

· Speed range is between 0 – 6000 RPM (Depending upon the model ordered)

· Swiveling (180 degrees), Adjustable height injector console with 6, 8 or 12 measuring points.

· Hard and ground Gear Box made out of alloy steel, which has a life span of about 35 years. Two speeds with neutral position.

· High pressure phasing and oil supply with a soundless gear pump driven by an independent motor.

· All models come fitted with – 1. Low pressure gauge 2. High pressure gauge 3. Cam box pressure gauge 4. Transfer pressure gauge (for Rotary and VE pumps) and 5. MPC pressure gauge.

Test Bench Specifications and Description:-

· No. of cylinders: 8

· Drive: AC Frequency / Electronic drive (Make: Schneider Electric)

· Main Motor: 7.5 or 10 HP (Make: ABB)

· RPM: Variable from 0 – 5000 RPM

· Pressure Gauges: Digital and Analog.

· Fuel Supply Motor: 1 HP.

· Test bench comes fitted with the CRTK 5000 test bench kit for common rail testing. The kit includes 1. Bosch CP1 common rail pump along with a foundation suitable for all types of Common rail pumps and a suitable coupling, 2. Bosch fuel rail fitted with a pressure sensor and fuel rail pressure control valve / solenoid / DRV, 3. CRT 5000 electronic simulator for driving common rail injectors, pumps and fuel rail (Image 7 above shows the front panel of the CRT 5000), 4. All high pressure pipes, rail return pipe, injector output delivery and return adaptors, all electrical couplers for different kinds of common rail injectors / pumps of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens make, and all other necessary accessories for Common rail testing. (For more information on the CRTK 5000 testing kit please see the complete listing of the product on eBay, eBay item number: 220837465623)

· Pressure developed in the system while Common rail testing can be regulated from 0 – 1800 BAR, as the user desires.

· The main testing area of the test bench is well shielded with an unbreakable transparent acrylic shielding, which can be opened / closed when desired. This is for the safety and protection of the operators when observing spray pattern / performing other CR injector and pump tests etc. as the pressures involved in CR testing are very high.

· Comes fitted with all pressure gauges and necessary standard accessories. Also some special accessories are available at an extra cost.

The standard accessories supplied free of cost along with the bench are:-

1. Bracket for flange mounted inline VE / Rotary pumps, 2. Quick Action clamp for base mounted inline pumps, 3. Set of 8 Master Test Injectors, 4. Set of 8 High pressure pipes (M14 / M14 Nuts) + Set of 8 High pressure pipes (M14 / M12 Nuts), 5. Two setting Blocks for A and B types of pumps, 6. Set of graduated glass test tubes / Burettes (Borosil), 7. Two perforated trays for keeping tools, One Phasing Bar and One Machine Lamp, 8. One Backlash free flexible coupling, 9. Digital Temperature Indicator, 10. Manifold pressure compensator (M.P.C.) for testing leakage and functional tests of diaphragm fitted in pumps of turbo powered engines, 11. D.C. Power source 12 V / 24 V for testing solenoid switches.

· Power Supply: Customizable according to Customer requirement. (220 V Single phase OR 220 V Three Phase OR 380 / 415 V 3 Phase)

· Color: Choice of two colors available:-

a. Blue with White trim (As shown in images above) OR b. Green with black trim

· Diesel Fuel Tank Capacity: 40 Liters

· Dimensions: L X W X H – 160 X 80 X 170 (In centimeters / cm) (Approx.)

· Net Weight: 625 KG (Approx.)

· Gross Weight (With Wooden packaging): 800 KG (Approx.)

· Comes complete with all Operation manuals, CR Injector and pump test data hard copy and a CD containing an excellent presentation on Common rail technology.

Images Description:-
Images 1,2,3 – The Test bench CRDI 800 E in different angles.
Images 4,5 – Close ups of the shielded work area of the test bench.
Image 6 – Close up image showing the Test bench controls consisting of the Tachometer with stroke counter, RPM increase / decrease push buttons, Electronic and analog transfer, high and low pressure gauges, Emergency stop button, Voltage supply display, Main feed supply switches, reverse / forward flywheel direction switches, 12 / 24 V DC supply, etc.
Image 7 – Shows the back side of the test bench.
Image 8 – Shows the back of the adjustable height injector console.
Image 9 – Shows the Bench electronics panel.
Image 10 – Shows the Schneider AC Frequency / electronic drive.
Image 11 – Shows the Common rail injector, pump and fuel rail simulator fitted on the bench.
Image 12 – AG Precision / Indian machine tools Brand logo / plate.
The CRDI 800 E test bench comes with a Manufacturer warranty and full service backup of two years / 24 months from the date of supply.

Payment (Important):-

You have one payment methods as listed below:-

1. If you prefer, you can pay us via Bank T / T or (Bank Wire Transfer / Wire Transfer) from your bank account to our EU financial bank account, 
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Delivery time (important):-

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Further information can be found in the scope of delivery:-


You can either choose one of 2 modes of shipping:-

1. Economy Service (Slow)-The test bench will be shipped by sea to the nearest seaport in your country. It takes around 1-2 weeks for delivery after shipping from EU.

2. Express shipping service (via air freight or express services such as DHL / FedEx / UPS / Aramex etc.)-The test bench will reach you within 5-8 working days after delivery. Please contact us for a shipping offer if you would like to ship the test bench via Air.

Tracking information / waybill will be provided for both shipments.

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