[EU Ship NO TAX] JZ-206 Bosch Denso Delphi Simens Coding Common Rail Injector Test Bench




JZ-206 Bosch Denso Delphi Simens Coding Common Rail Injector Test Bench

JZ206 Bosch Denso Delphi Simens Code Generating Common Rail Injector Test Bench Advantage:

1. Test common rail injectors(including piezo).

2. Coding injectors (Bosch IMA, Denso QR, Delphi C2i C3i, Simens).

3. BIP function: checking the solenoid valve responding time.

4. Injector solenoid valve inductance testing.

5. Injector solenoid valve resistance testing.

6. Nozzle opening pressure testing.

7. Injector armature stroke testing-stage 3 repair solution.

8. Wifi-connection, remote support.

9. Rail pressure: 2700 bar

10. DRV regulates rail pressure.

11. Special rail

12. Out-lay filter for exchange easily.

13. Dual cooling.

14. User-friendly injector adaptors.

15. CP3 pump.

16. Display screen: 10.4 inch, touch type.


Technical parameter of the injector calibration machine:

1. Output power: 2.6KW

2. Rotation speed controlling: inverter

3. Power supply: 220V 50/60HZ

4. Fuel tank: 8 liters

5. Fuel temperature controlling : 40±2℃

6. Filtration: less than 5μm

7. Machine size: 700×600×670 mm

8. Weight: 110kg

9. Flow sensor of the injector tester: imported flow sensor

This diesel injector test equipment software advantage:

1. Industrial computer real-time control, Windows operating system, built-in display, touch screen operation.

2. Real-time display of fuel injection and back-flow curve, automatically tests the fuel quantity of all working conditions, and generates report after testing.

3. Correct the compensation value setting in the software, to revise the tolerance of the flow sensor, ensure the flow consistency in each step and each machine.

4.Intelligent algorithm is used on this injector tester machine, to automatically calibrate the fuel quantity of the new injector, and generate test plan after calibration.

5.Parameter customize : rail pressure, pulse width, and fuel injection time when using this diesel fuel injector tester.

6. Testing data same as Bosch, Denso, Delphi original data, accuracy can reach the original level