WOYO UC009 Ultrasonic Cutter for Cutting Plastic UC009 Hobby Tool


WOYO UC009 is a good tool for cutting plastic.



WOYO UC009 Ultrasonic Cutter for Cutting Plastic UC009 Hobby Tool


WOYO UC009 Hobby Tool for Cutting Plastic
WOYO UC009 Description:

1.Oscillation Frequency: 39.5KHz
Max. Output Power: 30W
2. Intricate and accurate cutting with a light touch
3. This ideal handpiece offers excellent maneuverability and there is no vibration to the hand ensuring an accurate and sharp cutting finish.
WOYO UC009 Hobby Tool can be used for:

1. cutting and deburring of plastic

Efficient for cutting and deburring of composite material of FRP and plastic materials

2. cutting of sheet, cloth, etc.

Delicate and beautiful cutting with a light touch can be made on sheet, cloth, etc.

3. correction of PCB patterns

Most suitable for accurate correction work required on PCB

4. cutting rubber film, etc.

Beautiful cutting finish is made for cutting out designs and patterns on rubber, POP sheet,paper, etc.

Package includes:

1pc x Main
1pc x Hand-held Sonic-Cutter w/cord
40pc x Spare Blade
1pc x Curving blade
2pc x Allen wrench(1.5mm)
1pc x Hexagonal Wrench(M5),(R1.5)
4pc x Spare Set Screw
Max.Output Power: 30W
Power souce: AC120/230V, 50-60Hz

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