DimSport MyGenius OBDII Handheld ECU Flasher VR Tuned Dealer Pack of 5


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My Genius is the natural evolution of New Genius, tied to a single, specific vehicle: a device for vehicle’s owners allowing independent serial reading & programming operations.

This versatile console allows to store and program up to 10 different files for one vehicle, which can be programmed without intervention of tuning specialists. The console can be provided with OBDII connector or any diagnostic cable required by the vehicle and supports both 12V and 24V systems. The safety standards are equivalent as New Genius.

Item number: DS-V32MYGRES

Model: # VRT-GENIUSx5

Weight: 1.29 kg

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DimSport MyGenius OBDII Handheld ECU Flasher VR Tuned Dealer Pack of 5

DimSport’s OBDII handheld flasher called MyGenius is the perfect tool to have on hand for tuning shops and internet dealers that want to sell a ECU Tune without any hassle.  The DimSport MyGenius is an end user tool that allows you to read and write the ECU files on the car. The files are stored on the handheld unit to be able to flash between stock and tuned without the need for a laptop.  Each MyGenius tool is locked to the car so they can go with the customer relieving you having to have expensive master or slave tools.  Simply read out the car, upload the file to your computer and send it to us.  Then we will email you back the tuned file to download to your device!

ECU Files are not included in the price.  These are sold in packs of 5.  For larger quantity please contact us.

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