【UK-Ship-No-TAX】 Volkswagen-VW.AUDI.SKODA.SEAT VAS5052, VAS5052, VAS5052a, Professiona Diagnostic Tester Tool


Packaging & Delivery

  • Product Name: VW.AUDI.SKODA.SEAT VAS5052
    Part NO.: A042
    AUDI/VW original diagnosis tester VAS5052
  • Packing :  Box Suitcase 
  • Packaging Size : 30 x 20 x 20 Centimeters
  • DPackage Weight : 10 Kilograms
  • Delivery Lead Time : within 2 days after your payment
  • Minimum Order : 1pcs




 Volkswagen-VW.AUDI.SKODA.SEAT VAS5052, VAS5052, VAS5052a, Professiona Diagnostic Tester Tool


Product Description      

The first choice of auto scanner. A competitive troubleshooter and your money maker.Complete function for european and asian cars.

Detailed Product Description:

V-30 Makes Everything Easy-Going 
Whatever the Can-bus system is, only one connector will be OK. 
V-30 will scan the car model and the system automatically and make the right choice for you. V-30 makes the ticklish problems Easy-going. 
V-30 the more itelligentialized automotive diagnostic scanner. 
Enjoy your troubleshooting with V-30.

The VAS 5052 Tester is offered to the aftermarket in the same specification that is currently supplied to AUDI/VW franchised dealers.


Technical Information
VAS5052 is supplied with a Pentium based laptop PC on a Windows platform connected to a high specification communications and measurement interface.
The VAS5052 System and software has been developed and the latter evolved over many years; the system is capable of testing, configuring and reprogramming all VW/AUDI systems from the first engine management released on VW/AUDI for the all model right up to the latest VW/AUDI car with multiple control systems on sale today. It is the definitive AUDI/VW diagnostic tool.The hardware kit comprises of a high specification Laptop to provide easy user interface, a specially designed station with the communication and measurement system mounted, adaptors and transducers. The software supplied is the latest CD’s as used by VW/AUDI dealers. The final part of the package is maintenance, which is a component exchange scheme with parts sent to user should a fault occur. A multi-language technical support team with many years of VW/AUDI diagnostic experience backs up this support.

Immobilization system generation III adaptation of  Volkswagen VAS5052.

Many car models have covered 80% -90% function of the original equipment. Some car families are no difference to the original equipments.
VW / Audi: All CAN- BUS system After 2005
GM: The testing function has covered 90% of the GM original equipment
Toyota: The actuation function is the same to the original equipment
Nissan: Covering 95% function of the original equipment
Honda: Only system selection is needed for diagnostic scanning
Hyundai / KIA: More than 90% function coverage of the original equipment
All systems of all car models are available
Opel: 17 models can be tested and the basic function makes no difference of the original equipment } 

Covering late and early model car of Asian, European, American and domestic. 
Many car models have covered 80% -90% function Of the original scanner
Supporting CAN- BUS diagnosis of Volkswagen / Audi, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai / KIA 
Built-in high / low speed CAN- BUS and single CAN- BUS 
Making all CAN- BUS systems available with only one connector 
Supporting 5 OBDII protocols and 9 modes 
Nissan idle speed adaptation


Coverage for European/Asian vehicles
Built-in printer for convenient data recording
Touch screen menu for easy navigation
Frequent Internet software update
diagnosis assistance system with VIP Service…
Full component activation
Setting of adaptation values
Coding of the new control modules
Read & Change ECU coding
The Star Diagnostic provides full access for automotive repair at the OEM level.
Full component activation.
Setting of adaption values.
Coding of the new control modules.
Read & Change ECU coding.
Auto Diagnostics
Multiple task support
Wide colour touch screen
Printing Function Supported
Online updating
Unrestricted CF card downloading
Large automobile maintenance database


V3000 the Feature 1.
Educational Teaching CAR Models for All.
The System Online Available Update
Complete function Teaching: Read the DTC, the DTC ERASE, Read Data Stream, and Special Test Actuator SO ON and function.
. 6 Signal Testing Points, Teacher Could Test and Students. All Sensor Simultaneously Signals.
Interconnecting Diagnostic and Teaching, in function TWO One
Identical Simultaneous and Teaching, here Incorrect Operation for Online Correction
2. Students. ‘Parameter V30
the CPU: the SAMSUNG the ARM9 2410A
the Main Frequency: 200MHz
the Flash the RAM: 1GB
the LCD: Black and White, 320. * 240 , semi-permeable, touch screen
Operation System: Windows CE
Power supply: AC, 8-12V; DC, 110-250V 50Hz
Memory temperature: -30~90oC
Operating temperature: -10~80oC
Humidity: <90%
3. Network Administration Parameter
Network output port: 6,Aviation plug
Network connection: RS485
Signal testing port:6
Communicating interface with PC:RS232
Power supply:DC, 8-12V; AC , 110-250V 50Hz
4. Student Terminal Parameter
Network input port: 1, Aviation plug
Network output port: 1, Aviation plug
Network connection: RS485
Signal testing port: 6
Communicating interface with V30: RS232
Diagnostic connector with V30: OBDII-16
Power Supply:DC, 8-12V; AC, 110-250V 50Hz

Product Image

Auto Boss V30 Car Diagnostic Tools Autoboss V30 Scanner image


  • V30 VAS5052 software upgrades ensure that your STAR auto scanner is always at its best.


  • Our experienced and dedicated staff will support your Technicians and offer advice and information to help resolve the most demanding vehicle diagnostic problems. 

V30 system currently support computer diagnosis on the following vehicle makes Functions of each vehicle coverage vary depending on models and systems:

Audi/Volkswagon, Ford, Kia, Nissan/Infiniti, BMW/Mini-Cooper General Motors, Mazda, Toyota/Lexus, Chrysler Honda/Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Daewoo, Hyundi, Mitsubishi OBD II & EOBD.Now includes Land Rover, Fiat, Renault, Opel/Vauxhall & Lancia .etc

What else is available?
Other Options available are:
Training and Installation by qualified technicians
Regular updates to the Diagnostic software on CD

The standard Tester Kit
Maintenance contract (after first year)
What benefits does the VAS5052 offer independent
As an independent wishing to provide a quality repair and service facility to customers who own any VW/AUDI vehicle this system is essential. Not only does it provide you with complete coverage; but also you can be assured that no matter what vehicle comes into the workshop there is software available.